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SM24 - LING 482 - Employing Linguistics is a Course

SM24 - LING 482 - Employing Linguistics

Jun 3, 2024 - Aug 9, 2024

$500 Enroll

Full course description

This professional development course is designed specifically for linguists (current students, graduates, and professionals) eager to explore and reflect with linguists about linguistics and how it relates to various industries, identifying transferrable skills which may be utilized in a diverse range of professions. Through a combination of theoretical insights and practical applications, participants will deepen their understanding of how linguistic principles can be applied to real-world scenarios, practicing (and getting feedback on) how to talk about these with potential employers and collaborators. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Taking stock of Theoretical Understanding: By researching people in the way we have been trained to use books and journal articles, participants will identify linguists to reach out to who use their skills in syntax, semantics, phonology, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics (etc.), in work that is meaningful to them.

  2. Cross-Cultural Communication: How the cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication skills developed by linguistics enable participants to effectively identify and navigate linguistic and cultural differences in professional settings.

  3. Ethical Considerations in Linguistics: Reflect on ethical issues surrounding linguistic research and professional practice, cultivating a sense of responsibility and integrity in linguistic work.

Skills Cultivated:

  • Application of linguistic theories and methods to real-world scenarios

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving in linguistic contexts

  • Ethical decision-making in linguistic research and practice

Course Format: The course will consist of a series of interactive lectures, practical workshops, case studies, and group discussions. Participants will engage in hands-on exercises, conduct research projects, and collaborate with industry professionals, offering networking opportunities and exposure to various career paths for linguists.