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MASTER - Cover Letters (Virtual Workshop)



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A cover letter is often required as a part of the application process for employment.  It can also be a useful component of an application package, even if it isn't explicitly required. It is used to provide additional context to what is described in your resume. It provides voice, illustrates your intention in applying for the role, and fills in any informational gaps for the recruiter and selection committee.  Your cover letter can be a place to describe the things that are hard to describe in a resume, such as your enthusiasm for the company or industry or passion for the company’s mission.

In this workshop, we’ll provide you with an overview of cover letters as well as tools and strategies to help you create your strongest cover letter for each role that you apply for. You can either use this workshop as an “a la carte” resource, viewing content based on your unique needs or proceed with the workshop in its entirety. 

The length of time required to complete this workshop will vary depending on your needs but plan to spend at least 25-30 minutes. To begin, view the Table of Contents menu to the left.

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