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O.E.R. Open Ed Development Series, Parts I and II is a Course

Open Ed Development Series, Parts I and II



Full course description

This course consists of both Parts I and II of the Open Education Development Series. This is the only instance of the series where two parts are merged into one course. Parts I and II are foundational explorations. Both focus primarily on exposure and ideation as opposed to active application of open education concepts and skills and the creation of open education resources which participants will experience throughout the remainder of the series. While later courses will reference what we describe as the “basics” of OER, this course is the only one which makes a concerted effort to ensure your understanding of aspects such as the qualities and characteristics of these resources, the licenses which facilitate their “openness”, and strategies and tools available to search for and curate these resources. After a week of exploring these concepts, we will transition our exploration from investigating what open education resources are, to exploring the instructional possibilities that open education practices offer online teaching and learning experiences.

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